Towards an Effective Court Decisions Enforcement System in Indonesia






Periode: 1 April 2018 – 15 Oktober 2019
Donor: International Development Law Organization (IDLO)


1. Initial Assessment Report on the Preliminary Problems of the Court Decisions Enforcement System;

2. Research Report on the Problems and Potential Solutions of CDES;

3. Comparative Study Report;

4. Policy Paper to Improve CDES;

5. Advocacy Materials.



  1. Available References to Research and Alternative Solutions to Develop an Effective Court Decisions Enforcement System for the Indonesian Judiciary
  2. Disseminated Knowledge and Raised Awareness on the Problems and Alternative Solutions in relation to the Court Decisions Enforcement System for the Supreme Court, Policy Makers and other Key Stakeholders (Key Stakeholders).


  1. Initial Assessment on CDES Problems
  2. Research Results on Identified problems and Recommendations to Improve the CDES
  3. Comparative Study Result on CDES Benchmark
  4. Policy Papers and Advocacy Materials for the Key Stakeholders on the Problems and Recommendations to improve the CDES


  1. The Supreme Court, in particular, the leadershi and relevant working group or unit within the Supreme Court
  2. The Ministry of Law and Human Rights cq National Law Development Body (BPHN)
  3. Group of Lawyers/Advocates