Australia Indonesia Partnership for Justice Phase 2 (AIPJ2) – Providing technical support to the Supreme Court Working Group for drafting a legal framework related to the administration of legal remedies and trials at the Supreme Court through online court processes.






Periode: 16 Maret – 31 Juli 2021
Donor: Cardno Emerging Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd


1. Preparing a policy paper which include the results of research and identifies critical issues in the formulation of policies enabling case filing and hearing electronically within the Supreme Court;

2. Preparing a draft of SC guidelines to enable the implementation of PERMA No. 4 2020, Administration and Online Trials in Criminal

3. Attending discussions/meetings with the Supreme Court team and other stakeholders;

4. Preparing and providing technical assistance to the Supreme Court in disseminating the newly formed regulations;

5. Working collaboratively with AIPJ2’s advisor for Ease of Doing Business (EODB) in managing the work under EODB working

6. Participate in other AIPJ2 activities and provide reports and briefings as required