Enhancement of Human Rights and Environmental Protection in Training and Policy in the Judicial Process in Indonesia






Periode: 8 Juli 2019 – 30 Oktober 2020
Donor: The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), represented by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta (the Embassy)


1. Enhanced knownledge, comprehension and skills of judges and prosecutores to provide a qualified legal analysis to protect human rights and the environement;

2. Accessible knowledge and references on rigths-based and environmental protection made available for legal analysis;

3. Enhanced policy on the adoption of human rights principles and environmental protection in judicial process;

4. Improved training module for Environmental Judge Certification training;

5. Environmental Judge Certification training employing the improved training module;

6. Research report on court decisions in environmental cases;

7. Policy recommendation on Supreme Court personnel development policy for the Environmetal Judges;

8. Policy recommendation on the enhancement of Supreme Court Environmental Case Management.