Developing Mystery Shopper Tool for Improving Quality of Court Services Delivery






Periode: 22 Mei – 15 Desember 2017
Donor: The Asia Foundation – USAID CEGAH


1. Research on the existing Mystery Shopper system applied by KemenPAN-RB and the Ombudsman Commission and the existing supervisory tools available to MA RI/BAWA MA for Monitoring court services delivery;

2. A Mystery Shopper system in MA RI is developed to supervise court services delivery in the courts of first instance and appeal;

3.1. Implementation of Training and Testing of the new Mystery Shopper system in one city in each of the four USAID CEGAH target provinces: North Sumatera, North Maluku, Banten, and East Java; 3.2. Revision of the newly created Mystery Shopper system based on the test results;

4. Final design of Mystery Shopper, reporting and submission to Supreme Court Leadership